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Nii Nii.
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I'm Nii! (well thats what everyone likes to call me since my actual name is awful to pronounce) I really like to draw my OC's and I have a god awful amount of characters and stories surrounding them. I hope you take time to look at my art. I'm trying hard to improve my skills and attempting to become a character developer

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The Lorelai

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 7:36 PM

Hey I'm working on developing my new race, I'll be working on a better reference for them soon but here's some of their quirks:: 

Has anyone ever looked up the myth of the woman Lorelai? No? well she was believed to be so enchanting that she would entrance men and then kill them. She was arrested and on her way to a nunnery she fell from a rock to her death. 

Any what My Lorelai are based on this, They're sort of a mix between Elves and Sirens 

- They have a High priestess/Priest that they follow
- Priests/Priestesses are only born about every 950 years or so, they live longer than average Lorelai the average being around 900-1000 years old. [ They barely age but there are signs of older Lorelai] 

- They are nomadic and even in modern times they have urges to travel and move constantly
- They are born with individual marking that start off at the top of the head and as they age the marks grow and become more intricate
- The darker colors are only found in Priestess/Priests 
- When threatened or using their powers their marks will infact glow

-They wear gloves constantly the moment they are able to use their powers.
- This is because anything they touch (with their hands) will become infatuated with them and if touched multiple times can infact kill whoever comes in contact.

- They are naturally gifted swimmers and they usually call the sea's and ocean's their "homelands" 

- They can't cut their hair. its literally impossible, it just grows back during the night 

- They're naturally terrified of heights
- They have no Irises 
-The marks actually seem to reflect their personalities
- They are very apt in learning magic and are extremely quick on their feet
- They're totally the gypsy of the universe
- (Yes the marks cover their entire bodies)
- They have very very small waists and very large eyes and the men have larger hands (no this isn't me being funky with anatomy this is a legit reason) 
- The male's are treasured because their's only a 30% chance of having a male child in their society. The rest is female. 
- that being said, Yes this is a mostly female run race but the males are equals
-Oh and their hair is ALWAYS STRAIGHT. No curls no waves. ITS STRAIGHT ALWAAAAYS.

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SierraFaith Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hello there! :wave: many thanks from me and all the admins of TOBUSCUS-GROUP for joining our group! :highfive:

We hope you have a wonderful time here! 

peace off, BOOP!
KauniTehAssassin Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for Inviting me~ you actually had perfect timing XD I've been meaning to do more fanart and why not of Toby? lol
SierraFaith Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
KauniTehAssassin Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh and Thanksfor the watch
(1 Reply)
I'd like to do an art trade but I have to finish it and the outline isn't mine, however, I had colored it in and I can send you some more. I just don't know how to art trade.))
KauniTehAssassin Mar 8, 2014  Student General Artist
(Art trades are where u draw something for someone and they draw something for you.)
Oh ok. I can't actually draw so what I do instead is take something that is outlined or done already and edit it or color it in. That's the closest I can do))
Thanks for the watch! :dummy:
KauniTehAssassin Mar 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Np I forgot I hadn't watched you yet XD I have been meaning to
Lol. Thanks. XD
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